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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Must Watch: Meghan Tonjes I AM FAT! Video

Posted by: Michelle


Meghan Tonjes is a Youtube star who sings covers of popular songs and is the creator of Project Lifesize.  Her channel has millions of subscribers and she has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  This video though, unlike her other singing videos, is her defending herself against some old school fat hate.

There are quite a few of those anti-hater videos but this one really stood out for me.  She acknowledges she is fat.  She acknowledges that she use to be obese. And finally she acknowledges that the word “fat” isn’t bad – it’s the connotations that we attach with fat that are hurtful. “Fat” is an adjective, “Obese” and “overweight” are medical terms.  But unfortunately these words have stereotypes like “lazy, unmotivated, sloppy” connected to them and that is where the real hurt comes from. Similar to girls who are skinny – they get called anorexic, bulimic, people assume they don’t eat – all these extra assumptions attached to our size is what’s damaging to our self-esteem and makes us feel insecure.  And we all know that its not always true.  Being overweight doesn’t mean you a poor lifestyle and being skinny doesn’t mean you’re a living healthy lifestyle.

“We never know where someone is in their journey with their weight and we never know how someone feels about themselves.”

One thing I would like to point out: She does not use the word “curvy” to describe herself.  Now this is a touchy subject but in my opinion, “curvy” is a word reserved for people who have curvy figures that include large hips, breasts, butts and thighs but who are still at a healthy weight.  I don’t think “curvy” should be used to cover up terms like “fat” and “overweight ” and “obese” – we should not hide the fact that there are people who need to lose weight and that being overweight is a very serious health issue.  And there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to losing weight. Losing weight to be heathy has no shame and in fact needs to be embraced and celebrated.  We should not celebrate being overweight or being underweight – we need to celebrate being healthy and cheer on our process in doing so.

I love how Meghan shows that you can be overweight or underweight but still love yourself because those 2 things do not have to be attached to each other.  People shouldn’t love themselves because their fat and they shouldn’t love themselves because their skinny – but you should love yourself to make healthy choices and to take care of your body.  In this weight obsessed world, I agree that we need to be less judgemental of our sizes – but I also feel we need to be less sensitive about our discussion of weight and self esteem.  We need to celebrate the healthy choices people make and not our pant sizes.

I leave you with her last bit which I think is a pretty universal thing we should all aim for:

“My body is a good body, my body is a strong body and it’s one I take pretty good care of”


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